Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 1: Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

The Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency helps clients secure permanent housing, offers employment readiness and job placement, including personalized case management, professional clothing, transportation assistance, and personalized case management. Café 458 is a resource center for homeless men and women, and serves as a place where they can be treated as guests at a restaurant and have a choice in what they eat. On Sundays, they are open to the public as a fully functioning restaurant serving brunch with a professional chef. All other staff- from dishwashers to servers - are volunteers. These brunches provide on-the-job training for ACSS’s clients, builds awareness of the programs, and all proceeds go directly to supporting ACSS.

Today, our group dutifully worked the brunch shift. From 10AM to 3PM, we rolled silverware, seated customers, took orders, ran food, served guests, bussed tables, and washed dishes. For those of us who never had restaurant experience, this was an eye opener to how much effort it takes to insure good costumer service in a bustling environment. It was great interacting with a diverse costumers group of customers and telling them about the restaurants charitable efforts.

Ultimately, we all went in with a desire to work hard and serve the Atlanta community in anyway we could. I believe the experience we participated in today fully met if not exceeded our expectations. The food was amazing, the place was packed, approximately $2000 was raised, and all for a great cause.

-Giuliana and Yasmin 

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